Podcast: Aussie Rules in New Zealand

In Conversation with Kevin “Shifter” Sheehan and Rob Malone


 Welcome to Trans-Tasman Tales, the free podcast by the Australian High Commission in New Zealand.

In today’s episode Australian Deputy High Commissioner Andrew Cumpston sits down with National and International Talent Manager Kevin “Shifter” Sheehan and AFL New Zealand Coach Rob Malone to talk about the game, its place in New Zealand and the annual Anzac AFL Academy vs New Zealand Hawks game in Wellington.

The full episode is available here.

Cyber security: Australia, New Zealand and Napoleon


Andrew Cumpston

“Geography is destiny” is a much debated diplomatic polemic, reportedly first uttered by Napoleon.* The saying may be an oversimplification, but it has always had an element of truth to it. There is no doubt that people’s opportunity and threat analysis has always been heavily influenced by who is nearby. States such as Singapore, Italy or Kazakhstan have traditionally had a fundamentally different set of strategic calculations than Australia and New Zealand because of geography.

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